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Celebrating A Life Lived

Thousands of families in South Florida trust Cremations America in their time of need. Our experienced cremation directors will guide you through all aspects of commemorating the life of your loved one. Our commitment to excellence and integrity have served our families well.
It is our priority to exceed expectations with our service. Cremations America is a unique place with highly qualified bilingual personnel. We are Available 24 hours / 7 days — (305) 381 – 5771


Our Direct Cremation Service includes:

Cremation Services

Full Range of Cremation Service. Preset or Fully Customize – Your Choice.

Cremations America offers simple direct cremation. Our cremation plans have been developed over the years to offer the best service value wanted by our families. Our cremation plans are not locked in stone. Your family is unique. We’ll work with you to customize our services to meet your unique needs.

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Life Well Celebrated

It’s not about mourning death, it’s about Celebrating Life.

Honoring the life of your loved one means you value the relationship you shared. We look forward to helping you decide how to celebrate that bond, and honor the unique individual you’ve lost. We can make suggestions to enhance your tribute ideas. Together we will create a fitting and memorable event. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

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V.A Burial Services

Saying Thank You is only the beginning of how we should honor our country’s veterans.

We would be honored to help you make arrangements for any combination of traditional military tributes because we believe it’s our duty to provide you and your family with professional and dignified assistance during your time of need.

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Memorial and Tribute

Celebrate your loved ones life through photos and stories using our Memorial and Tribute section.

View Recent Memories and Tributes for Cremations America. Memorial and Tribute information is posted on our website only with approval from the family members.

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We understand that it is not always possible to pay respects in person. We hope that this small token will help. You can search for your loved one using the list of family tribute here:

Memorial and Tribute


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Cremations Urns

Find the right cremation urn to honor your loved ones. At Cremations America, we carry a wide selection of urns for every specific need.

An easy way to honor your loved ones