For over 20 years Cremations America has provided thousands of families with special ceremonies for those who wish to scatter their loved ones ashes at sea. If you would like our family to respectfully scatter your loved ones ashes, we can help you.

Scatter Ashes At Sea

A lifetime of emotions seem to wash over you simultaneously as you receive your loved one’s cremated remains. So much has happened to get to this point: The phone calls to family and friends, legal and estate issues to be addressed, and much more. You take a deep breath to reflect for a moment. The inevitable question you ask yourself is, “OK. Now what do I do?”

Figuring out what to do with a loved one’s cremated remains can be a difficult, and at times, an overwhelming decision in light of the grief and chaos that follows the loss of a loved one. We at Cremations America are here to provide you with several options and ideas to honor your loved ones.

If you or a loved one choose to be cremated as part of your burial plan, scattering at sea is an important option to consider when deciding what to do with the ashes. Many of the families we serve have chosen this method for final disposition of the ashes for various reasons to include, love of nature or the sea and being uncomfortable with the idea of a formal cemetery burial, etc.

Here we have listed some helpful information for those who are considering scattering the cremains of a loved one.

Please remember, this choice is a very important and irreversible one. It is a decision not to be taken lightly or hastily made. One of the beautiful things about cremation is the decision such as this does not have to be made immediately. Scattering the cremains may be done at any future date.

Our Scattering at Sea Service:

We offer special ceremonies for those who wish to scatter at sea.  We perform this ceremony for families who live in areas that are far away from the coast.  Whether you want our family to respectfully scatter your loved ones ashes in the deep blue waters of the Gulf or the Atlantic, or if you would like us to help you plan a private ceremony we can help you. We offer two options for this choice:

  • Unattended: We provide a respectful, dignified sea scattering service locally in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic. We advise our families that we scatter at distance of 3 nautical miles as required by US Code (40CFR229.1). Following the scattering, we record the exact coordinates which are provided to you in the form of a certificate suitable for framing. The family does not attend this service. Please contact us for pricing. If you wish to attend, see below.

Scattering Urns when placing cremains or cremated remains in the water, some people choose to pour them directly into the water. Many people however, have chosen to use urns specifically designed for this purpose using a biodegradable material made specifically for ocean placement that reduces the potential for problems with the wind, waves and may make for a much more pleasant experience. We have some options available which can be viewed online through our urn store.

Ocean Scattering…Doing It Yourself

Being located so close to the coast, you may have access to your own vessel and wish to perform the sea placement on your own.

As no special permitting is required in most states, you may certainly do the scattering yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You should travel at least 3 nautical miles off the coast before scattering. US Code specifies this as the minimum distance from which scattering is permitted, in addition US Code states that you should report the details of the scattering to the EPA Regional Office. You may also wish to visit the EPA website for verification of these and other possible requirements.
  • You may wish to consider using an urn specifically designed for the water placement or scattering. This option can include biodegradable urns or other urns designed to aid in the scattering process. Some examples are available through our online urn store.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is to assist you in the proper, legal dispersal of cremated human ashes in the USA. You should consult the laws of your area before proceeding. Nothing obtained in this document should be misconstrued to be a grant of permission or authority from us to disperse cremated ashes at a location which would be in violation of any local, state or federal laws or which would violate the rights of any person or entity. If you choose to disperse cremated remains, you do so at your own risk and may be held responsible for all violations of any applicable law.